Listings360 Adds Housing Listings across Africa

Housing Listings have quickly become one of the fastest-growing listing categories in the marketplace with up to 50K added monthly

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — Listings360, the fastest-growing classified platform in Africa where people connect to buy and sell products and services locally,

Listings360 Africa, Africa largest classified platform, announced that he is expanding into the housing market. The new category is being rolled out gradually and will be available to all users in Africa.

Housing listings are the natural evolution of a vast and diverse marketplace like ours, especially as we cover entire Africa, large and small. Listings360 is designed to make it extremely simple to list what you don’t need in your storage and find what you do in your own neighborhood, whether that’s a snowboard, a Mercedes Car, SUV or a two-bedroom apartment with a view.

To create a listing, all users have to do is snap a few photos of the housing properties and write a brief description of the home. In addition, Listings360 Africa offers users the ability to add additional photos at any time, and they’ll be able to field questions from buyers or renters through Listings360 in-app messaging system.

As always, Listings360 users can view each other’s profiles, ratings, and reviews to learn more about who they are chatting with and what others have said about them.

About Listings360

Listings360 is Africa’s fastest-growing classified platform used to buy and sell products and services locally. The marketplace is filled with everything from electronics, cars, and collectibles to housing, clothing, and furniture. Listing something is as simple as taking a photo because Listings360’s technology automatically suggests a title, price, and category. Listings360 was founded by Cecile Duvane. For more information, visit

Check out our Housing Listings’ listings across the continent

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